Innovation In Online Learning

ID blogger extraordinaire, Cathy Moore, recently wrote a blog entry entitled, How To Really Involve Learners. The insight in this article is especially useful as online learning is becoming increasingly commonplace. It is wise to strengthen the advantages and combat the negative stigma that online curriculum can sometimes carry in our society at large. Moore suggests continually providing hands-on contextual activities intertwined with learning, rather than the standard stream of information concluded with an application of skills (Moore, 2017). Allowing students to be sprung into a new environment and not immediately be inundated with the static instruction is a compelling strategy. Instead, learners can maneuver through this unknown territory and naturally learn from mistakes.

I would be curious as to how malleable the structure of this curriculum would be. There may be students who, even after trying out an innovative new learning strategy, would prefer to revert back to a self-learning style they’ve grown accustomed to. In developing an immersive, fluid structure, I might try to envision if students could develop their own hybrid educational model within the new construct. If so, would it disrupt the overall experience for other students?


Moore, C. (2017, March 13). How to really involve learners [Web log post]. Retrieved March 18, 2017, from


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