Instructional Design Blog Recommendations

The tagline of Cathy Moore’s blog is “Let’s Save The World From Boring Training!” This is a fitting motto for a collection of inspiring and cutting edge ideas about how to make learning materials new and exciting, while still emphasizing effectiveness. The humor balanced with insight from this experienced training designer establishes a unique voice that is pleasant and informative. I appreciate how the information is concisely sectioned and presented in an easy-to-read and conversational manner. These are all valuable components that I would aim to implement in the content I create.

This blog is operated by a communications consultant named Garr Reynolds, who has pioneered a fascinating instructional design vision by combining the art of communication and Japanese Zen arts. His ability to put a spotlight on ideas that are sometimes commonplace and offer his unique commentary regarding how it relates to his school of thought is valuable and refreshing. I also enjoy the recurring theme of storytelling throughout many of the posts, as so much of communication as a whole and learning technology does rely on our integral ability to effectively tell a story to others. This ability is an important tool that I will be sure to keep in mind when creating e-learning materials.

E-Learning Provocateur is run by an Australian learning experience designer and features concise articles with an enormous amount of depth. I enjoy this blog greatly due to its candid style. It often reads more like a journal or editorial from someone in the instructional design industry, rather than a mosaic of articles. Like the previous two blogs I’ve recommended, I appreciate that he’s able to interweave modern technologies and ideas within his commentaries on instructional design. It allows me to see the larger, less-isolated spectrum that learning inhabits in society. He’s had several recent posts discussing the use of virtual reality in the ID realm, which is compelling.


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